Peggy Mavor has been remembered

Peggy Mavor has been rememberedPEGGY Mavor has been remembered by the Busselton Repertory Club in a touching tribute where she served as a life member.

Ms Mavor’s last moments were spent doing what she loved at the theatre before she tragically passed away last week.

The club’s president Joe La Mancusa said she would be remembered for directing, acting and service to the club.

Ms Mavor entertained audiences with her flamboyant costumes, matching hats, cheeky smile, dulcet tones and pantomime chorus.

As the definitive teacher she used her skills to nurture and encourage theatre in everyone she met, Mr La Mancua said her love and dedication was infectious and inspiring to all.

Ms Mavor will be remembered for her service as the club secretary which Mr La Mancusa said they were grateful.

Although Ms Mavor had her final curtain call at the Weld Theatre, the Busselton Repertory Club is sure she will tread boards and sing songs to a much larger audience.

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