Leadership Roles

Hello Everybody

Let's make this year a fantastic year for our Club.  To do this we are asking all members to consider taking on a leadership role.

If you are currently in this role, please feel free to submit an expression of interest to continue, this is only to provide an opportunity for everyone to have their say.

For those who have already expressed their interest in a role, please resubmit, or there may be something else on the list you would like to try or include.  Please let us know.

For those who wish to remain as volunteers, we thank you and wish to continue seeing you at our Club in this capacity.


What to do: Review the list.   If you see something that interests you and you feel you could lead a team of volunteers (club members), or if you would like to do the role jointly this will also be considered.

Submit your expression of interest to us on info@busseltonrepertory.com.au 


What happens next: Your committee will collate and review all submissions and advise ASAP.

 Please note: the choices ticked on your membership forms are not altered with this process.

 If you are aware of any members without internet access, please pass this information on to them.


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