It¹s uncertain when the Busselton Repertory Club had its beginnings but at a meeting convened by Arthur Grocock on May 29, 1949, the Busselton Repertory Society was formed with Sir (then Mr) Stewart Bovell as its first patron, a position he held until his death.
Performances were held at the old Catholic Hall in Busselton for a number of years, while the members from 1951 onward looked for a more permanent home.In 1956, the Society became an incorporated body, renamed the Busselton Repertory Club Inc. 

The Club weathered the introduction of television, which saw audiences dwindle, however, in 1962 the Club was in a position to renovate and move into the Weld Hall. Originally opened in 1881, the Hall had been a library, Masonic Temple, dance hall, gymnasium, school and auction mart.
The Club moved into the fully converted and renamed Weld Theatre, in 1963.In 2012 we had major renovations which included building indoor toilets and a larger foyer entrance area.The landscaping of the cultural precinct is a wonderful setting for our new-look building.

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